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Specializing in Engagement, Maternity/Newborns, Families, and Boudoir

Meet Jes Marie

Servicing Clients from Los Angeles, California to Baltimore, Maryland

I am a bi-coastal, Netflix-aholic, adventure seeking, protesting, peace loving hippie photographer, with an obsession for shoes and black and white photography. You can normally find me spending time with my daughter, walking my fur baby, singing with my band, working out with my hubster, or just snuggling at home with the whole crew. I am a homebody social butterfly. Sounds like a conundrum, right? It is. I am at a point in my life where I have truly realized that tomorrow may never come and I want to live my life for today, and I want to inspire my daughter to do the same. We skydive, stay up late, dance in the rain, search for the end of rainbows, destroy the kitchen to bake cupcakes, ride our motorcycles, and constantly fight our fears to experience life together. At the same time, it can be a daily struggle to fight my insecurities, my anxiety, and my love for just staying home and being. So as a team, we have found a balance and together we push each other to do what we need to in the moment; and we make sure that we capture all of it! 

My husband, Michael, is my definition of love. It isn't always easy, love is hard work, but he is my fairy tale story. I am so grateful that he supports all of my endeavors and my goals in life. 

When I was younger, my grandmother always had me in front of a plastic disposable camera, and boy was I a ham! I loved to pose in front of that thing and my grandmother captured so many smiles and crazy faces throughout the years. We would sit down and look at all of her pictures and create small photo albums together. I learned early on that one of my passions was documenting those moments and I can’t thank her enough for helping me learn that about myself.  Whether it be in front of that little black and yellow paper covered camera, or on the other side capturing a caterpillar traveling down the sidewalk, I loved being a part of capturing all those tiny moments in time, and I always will. 

As I grew older, my passion for photography continued. Each of us has our own insecurities, but there is something about a photograph that makes me feeI beautiful, I see myself differently than I do in the mirror. It warms my heart to help others feel beautiful as well when they step in front of my lens. Every day I work on becoming a stronger photographer, not just for myself, but for my clients, and for the art of photography. I am a graduate of Shaw Academy with a diploma in photography, and I continue to educate myself with the Great Courses.  I look forward to using my knowledge to provide you with visually beautiful images, artistic perspectives, appropriate poses, joyful candid shots, and an experience you won’t soon forget. I hope that my passion and dedication bring a smile to your face.

Peace and Love.