BFF Soulmates

Jes and Meg have been best friends for over three years now and shooting together for a year and a half. They met at the high school where they both work as special educators. It didn't take long for the BFF Soulmatery shennanigans to begin!  

Being special educators is a very rewarding career, and Jes and Meg absolutely love their students. They also love being behind the camera, creating art out of memories, and sharing their experiences with all the new and amazing people they meet along the way.

"When we shoot together, it just heightens our creativity! We are able to bounce ideas off of each other, balance out our strengths and areas of practice, and follow our laughter-is-the best-medicine motto in life!"  -Jes

What They Have in Common! 

Jes and Meg are so similar in many ways! They love their fur babies and treat them as though they are their own children. They both love laughing and spreading sunshine in other people's lives, singing, yoga, spending days on the beach, and shooting sessions of all styles and kinds! 

         They are also unique!


Shoots with a Nikon 7200
Hates being in front of the camera
Lives in Red Lion, PA
Loves to Shoot her Furbabies and family


Shoots with a Canon Mark IV
Loves to be in front of the camera
Lives in California
Loves to Document Marches and Protests