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Please complete the following questionnaire to the best of your ability! This information will help us best serve you during your session and provide a fun and comfortable environment for everyone working with us! 

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Please let us know the names, birthdays, and ages of each person participating in your session! We also love to know of any anniversary dates you would like to share so we can help you celebrate!
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Home Address
If you have children in your session, what do they love and how can we best make them feel comfortable and laugh during their session?
Your photographs will come with basic retouching. We believe all of our clients are beautiful just the way they are, but we also want each of our clients to feel amazing and love their photos. We will retouch non-negotiables (acne, blemishes, stains, etc.), unless you would like us not to. We can also do a light softening on your skin or take out any scars. Please let us know if you do not want any of these retouches in your photo. If you want more intricate retouches, please reach out for a quote.