Megan Yohn

I have been in love with photography from a very young age. My parents are both incredibly creative and artistic (traits they, thankfully, passed on to my sister and me), and ever since I can remember, my mom has had a camera on hand, whether it was a disposable film camera, an old school 35mm, a cell phone, or (more recently) a fancy new Nikon D750. Mom wanted to document as many moments from our family outings and get-togethers, important milestones, camping expeditions, adventures and misadventures, etc. as humanly possible. It was through my mama’s chronicling of our lives that my love and appreciation for photography blossomed. As my family would look through our collective photographic records, we would reminisce about the particular event or time period and relive all of those special, significant, silly, heart-warming, heartbreaking, embarrassing, always-filled-with love moments. I began to realize that photography is so much more than the art of taking a good picture. It is the ability to freeze a single second in time (or less, depending on the shutter speed!) and capture its very essence to preserve a memory. It is my hope that I can provide the same kind of memories for others and capture a little bit of the beauty this life has to offer.