Sweet and Sassy - A Toddler Session with Bribery!

Harper Levy

Sweet little Harper was stylish with her shades and her accessories! 

Picture day can be a very, very stressful time if you have children. Finding the right outfit and a date that everyone is available on already causes you a headache. But once you have that down, everything is smooth sailing. Harper's mamma picked out the most adorable little outfit for her precious two-year-old! She was rocking a white shirt, black leggings (leather style of course), and matching accessories. During our consultation with Rachael, she shared with us that she wanted an urban or abandoned setting that would really show off Harper's spice. Done and Done! 

Harper and her parents, Rachael and Jason, rocked their look at the New Freedom train station, in southern Pennsylvania. We came prepared, they came ready with smiles and perfect outfits, so everything should be perfect, right!?

GUESS AGAIN! After all of the warm beautiful days we have been having, it was a bit chillier than we all would have liked, and Harper didn't want anything to do with it! 

Well, it didn't take long, and Harper was on board with smiles and snuggles! Behold the power of bribery. I know some people frown upon this, however, they probably haven’t tried to get a freezing (2) two year old to pose and smile for an hour. It’s no easy task! As photographers, we are going to give you the green light and tell you that it’s okay to bribe your kids for the sake of good photos. Harper's go to was milk shakes, and she earned about 17 of them, but she did great. Mommy, Daddy, and Harper all left their session smiling. 

So, we welcome a little allurement with arms wide open. It's a fact of life that we have come to face. With the buyoff, also comes our expertise on posing, giggling, and creating a safe and fun environment for your session. The cold couldn't turn this beautiful family away, and we are so glad they decided to tough it out with us. 

Rachael knew from the second she was pregnant with Harper she wanted to capture it all. She shared with us why this session was so important to her and how she used our secret weapon to help Harper enjoy her session even more!

"Her sweet little face is changing so fast and I want to be sure we can always look back to see how far she has come, but also for her to be able to have memories she can cherish once she is older that she ultimately won’t remember...During this session I really wanted to capture all aspects of Harper’s personality. She is a feisty little girl who doesn’t follow anyone else’s lead. She can be the sweetest, silliest, spunky little girl and two minutes later give the attitude of a 16 year old. I wanted to capture all those traits which I think we successfully did (with a little help from bribery)! We decided right about when she started talking and having an opinion of her own that we are definitely not opposed to a good bribe to get a result we need in a moment…I am pretty certain we bribed her with about twelve milkshakes to either smile, wear her sunglasses or to let us get just 1 last photo, which we definitely kept turning into more and more so the milkshake count just kept growing!"

Sweet Words

The experience was incredibly laid back and comfortable from the get to go! Even though I know Megan personally from school we haven’t seen each other for quite some time but where usually there is a first 15 mins or so of awkwardness you all had such a great welcoming energy from the start which is everything you need/want from a photographer. I loved LOVED that there were two of you. Someone was always shooting from every angle which is great but I also didn’t feel as if I had to figure out how to smile and also get Harper to smile. If one was snapping a picture while the other was helping to get Harper to cooperate so I didn’t look like a train wreck in each picture with an awful expression because I was mid tickle with her or saying something LOL.
— Rachael Levy