Playa Del Rey Boudoir Workshop

Caution. Caution. Boudoir. Caution. Caution

.Beauty. Empowerment. Support. Love. Confidence.

Some people hear the word boudoir and either think it is something dirty and shameful, or they have no idea what it is at all. I am here to tell you what it really is and why it is so important to us at MWP.

The word boudoir (bo͞oˌdwär) literally means a woman's bedroom or private room. Boudoir photography is just that, photography taken in a woman's bedroom or private room (aka a beautiful studio or room!). These photographs and the entire experience are not meant to be trashy or classless. It is meant to give women a safe place to feel and capture their inner and outer beauty, to feel sexy and confident in a world which constantly shoves unrealistic body types and goals down our throats. 

Although this experience can be for a gift for a partner, this truly should be an experience about you, a gift to yourself. You addressing, identifying, and reveling in your own beauty. Now all of you out there who think this isn't for you, but you have a partner who deserves a day of relaxation and beauty discovery, you can book a gift session for them as well, boudoir sessions can be the best Christmas presents! 

MWP has dabbled in boudoir photography, for clients who have requested it, but empowering women and helping them see their own beauty is something we would like to specialize in. So, Jes was able to participate in a workshop, given by Molly Marie Photography, based in Wisconsin. The workshop educated and inspired MWP to serve women of all shapes and sizes as they experience self-love, a very intimate and sensitive moment. Ten women from all around the world came together in a beach house in Playa Del Rey to discuss strategies and practice their photography skills with a first-time boudoir client, not a model. This experience was priceless and so very worth it! 

Too often, women feel down and unsure about their bodies. Situations have come up, babies have been had, comments have been made, and social media has been viewed... and it feels like there is no turning back. You wonder if you will ever be happy in your own skin. Well, us ladies need to stick together and we need to be inspired by women who are confident in their own skin. We need to love one another, empower and lift each other up, and share in tiny successes toward our goal of loving our bodies. We have created a Facebook Group for WOMEN ONLY, to do just that. A safe place for us to share boudoir photography (with client approval), boost each others' confidence, share ideas like inspirational quotes, strategies, and flattering posing to feel good in life and memories (selfies, family photos, boudoir, etc.) You will also find special deals and promotions for your very own boudoir session with us in this group. 

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Parents. Grandparents. Love Birds

Wendy and Charlie

Twenty-Three Years and Counting

My parents have never had professional photographs taken, other than at the SEARS Photo Center or our family pictures taken back in the 90's at church. So when my mom asked me if I would take photographs of her and my dad, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Mom had already had some practice in front of my camera during her two week trip to visit us here in California, so I knew she could rock it. She had the twirl, the flick of the wrist to create movement in her dress, and the posing down. I just couldn't believe how much of a natural she was our first time shooting together. So I thought I knew what to expect when I photographed her and my dad, her husband of over twenty-three years. It was priceless and absolutely breathtaking. Seeing their love and giggles as I clicked my shutter made my heart flutter and tears well in my eyes. It wasn't the same as when she was by herself, her partner in crime was now with her and she came to life even more than I could have imagined. 

My mom and dad, Wendy and Charlie as most other people refer to them, started dating when I was just three years old, in December of 1992. My mom, a bad ass chick in her twenties, would go out and watch my dad's band (No Limit) play on the weekends when I visited my father. She would follow them around to different venues with her girlfriends and swoon over his long hair and drum skills. Little did she know that he was a single dad with a little boy at home, who was just nine months younger than me, and that just a year and a half later we would be a family. 

In May of 1994, my parents got married at our small church and they celebrated with their friends and family at the elementary school playground and pavilion near our home. Being a mixed family wasn't always easy. We had fights. We had some double parenting standards. We had split custody, long days, and dinners at 9 p.m. after soccer practice. We had tears over decorating the damn Christmas tree every year, but we made it. I couldn't be more grateful for the life and the family unit I have had growing up. 

My brother. He may legally only be my step brother, but we know nothing else but being siblings. I don't remember a time where he wasn't my little (but much taller) brother. Regardless of genetics, we looked like twins growing up. Regardless of the fights, we became best friends. I don't call him nearly enough, or see him as often as I want to, but I know that he will always be there for me when I need him and that I can always count on him to be my brother, and the best uncle to my baby girl. 

My dad. It wasn't his job to love me unconditionally, be my soccer coach, come to every choir and orchestra concert, teach me right from wrong, and be a constant in my life when everything else felt like it was crumbling to the ground. Why is that you wonder? Because he is my step dad, but to me, he was the definition of what a dad should be. He taught me how to persevere through every struggle, sing with everything in my soul, and go for my dreams. I had some difficult times being in a split family, but in the end I am so very lucky that I have two dads that love me, and forever appreciate my "step" dad for choose my mom and me out of all the other fish in the sea. 

The first time I ever met my dad, it was because I was sick and my mom couldn't go out on their date night together. So, instead he came over to my grandparents house, where we were living, and he brought me "Beauty and the Beast" and a little stuffed bunny with a "Get Well" tag on its ear. I still have that bunny. 

My mom. Well she is why I am the person I am today. She is fierce and full of fire. She is sensitive and so full of love. She is my mom, and although she didn't have to choose me, she fights for me and loves me with every part of her being, 

The reason I tell this whole story is because I wouldn't have ever had this life without their love story. My brother, our memories, that bunny, they all came to life when my parents fell in love. An although their love isn't perfect (what love is?), they showed me that true love was possible. They showed me what love after twenty three years and a lifetime of memories should look like. They are my main inspiration for my passion in photography and capturing other people's love stories.

Thank you mom and dad. Thank you for the life lessons, the challenges, the support, and your love. -Jes

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