Millersville or Bust!

The Trexler Family

Getting to know the Trexler Family has been such a wonderful opportunity. They are a fairly reserved family with hearts the size of Texas. It all started when Eric moved to Maryland from Greensburg, PA.  He attended Slippery Rock University while his sweetheart, Tracey, went to college at East Stroudsburg University. They met while working at the MD House and Chesapeake House (Travel plazas in the middle of I-95), where they were first friends, then began dating, and got married in September of 1994. Now they have two beautiful children, Kaitlyn and Alex, as well as two Cocker Spaniels, Hunter and Jack. Unfortunately for us, the pups didn't make it to this session, but we hope to meet them next time! 

Alex and Kaitlyn have a strong relationship, a bond that was evident during their family session that they won from a Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser for students with special needs. Kaitlyn shared with us that her parents treat them as completely separate people and it helps their relationship as siblings. "We hardly ever fight. We both have different strengths and weaknesses. Alex is very academic, while I am a leader." Tracey thinks Kaitlyn has developed a patience for her brother and an affinity for accepting people’s differences.  She says Alex looks up to his sister and sees her as a compassionate person; and that they both recognize and appreciate the value in the other. Alex is going to miss his sister when she leaves for college, but when his mom asked him why, he replied "Because now you’re going to have too much time to focus on me!!!" 

Kaitlyn Trexler is a bright young lady who has dedicated her high school career to helping her peers with special needs as the student president of the Best Buddies chapter in her school. Kaitlyn is a special person with a lot of love and kindness in her heart, traits she shares with her mom, Tracey, a long term substitute teacher who also does amazing work with students of differing abilities. Kaitlyn has just a few months before she leaves for Millersville University in the fall to earn a degree in special education. Kaitlyn chose Millersville because she loved the location, student atmosphere, and most of all, their strong education program. She was inspired to be a special educator because she fiercely believes that every student deserves to feel loved, receive an education, and have a future. Kaitlyn wants to make sure students with disabilities have the same opportunities. There is nothing else in the world she would rather be doing.

One of my favorite memories of Kaitlyn was when she would strut around the house singing to Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman”.
— Tracey

Kaitlyn's family is going to miss her presence in their home and being a part of her Best Buddies events, but they all know she will do great things at Millersville University. Eric and Tracey are looking forward to spending more time with each other and giving Kaitlyn the time and space she needs to grow and experience college. Before they send her off, however, they made sure they got family photographs taken with MWP! Capturing these moments in life is so important and we are thrilled that Kaitlyn and her family were the winners of our drawing for a free session. 

Sweet Words

Jess and Meg were amazing to work with. They were so knowledgeable, kind, and open minded. Not all photographers are so great to work with.